Sports and Family Chiropractic

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Sports and Family Chiropractor

Dr James is currently practicing at Specialists Melbourne, on Bay Street, Port Melbourne. Providing one-to-one care, our chiropractic team specialise in sports injury management and family chiropractic care. We deliver a personalised treatment plan targeted to the individual needs of each of our patients, and commonly provide treatment for:

  • Spinal injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Poor posture
  • Growth pains
  • Pre and post-natal (pregnancy related) musculoskeletal problems.

Complementary Therapies

Our full range of chiropractic services are very effective as stand-alone treatments, but in some cases may be combined with complementary therapies to speed up or enhance the healing process. Your chiropractor will discuss additional treatment options with you during your first consultation, these may include:

  • Musculoskeletal dry needling, which uses acupuncture needles to treat pain syndromes.
  • Applied Kinesiology, a chiropractic system that evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing with other standard methods of diagnosis.

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